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Setup Booking Module:
The CCalendar Booking Module serves a lot of use cases:
In all areas, where you want to give clients (= external guests / customers / etc., without CCalendar account) the chance to book defined resources from you.

"Resources" here can be very different and of manifold nature:
For example: With the CCalendar booking module you can use all well-known communication advantages of CCalendar and
at the same time offer resources over the internet to a wide range of clients, even when they have no CCalendar account!
Setup Steps:
For the following steps to set up a bookable resource you need administration rights:
1. If not done yet, activate the optional module "Booking System" under the admin menu item "Configuration/Payment".
2. Navigate to the admin menut point "Appointment Groups" .
(Background information: Bookable resources are represented as specially flagged appointment groups.)
3. Create a new entry with the name of your bookable resource (here for example "Video Projector").
For this entry select "yes" for "Bookable Resource".
And specfiy an e-mail address, where reservation requests for this resource will be sent to.
4. Make special access possibilities for clients to book this resource:

There are two possibilities:

Option 1: From your homepage, link to the following address:[IhreOrgID]&Code=[IhrOrgPW]
The user will then get a login mask, where he can choose and book from ALL of your bookable resources. Example:

Option 2: From your homepage, link to the following address:[IhreOrgID]&Code=[IhrOrgPW]&Ressource=[Ressourcenname1,Ressourcenname2,...]
The user will then get a login mask, where he can only sign up for the booking of your predefined resource(s).


Option 3: From your homepage, link to the following address:    index.php?Content=Buchungslogin&OrgID=[IhreOrgID]&Code=[IhrOrgPW]&Ressource=[Ressourcenname1,Ressourcenname2,...]&Command=Check
The user will then get directly into the calender with the choosen ressource(s) by anonymeous login, WITHOUT previous login-dialog.


Please make sure to exchange the values [YourOrgID], [YourOrgPW] and, if applicable, [RessourceName] with your individual settings!
You can find your OrgID (Organisation ID) and your OrgPW (Organisation Password) under the administration menu item "Organisation".

Please make sure to place the link in an attractive spot, so it can be found by potential users.

What user means:
"Your calendar is praised a lot at our church and we cannot think of a church live without it.
Puts an end to appointment collisions, chaos, misconceptions.
Clear display of appointments... that is simply super."
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