CCalendar - Organize / communicate / publish group-appointments easly, intelligent and save
Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
Instructions - Direct integration into your homepage:
Here you find out how to integrate CCAlendar directly into your homepage.
Caution: This way of implementation needs a careful rights configuration from your side!
You can find alternative possibilities for integration by homepage modules here
HTML-Direkt integration by <IFRAME>:
A direct integration of CCalendar is possible with HTML-tag <IFRAME>.

You have to replace all variables in square brackets [...] (inclusive square brackets!) by your individual wishes:
A working IFRAME source-url for a month-view would be:
Embedded in an IFRAME appropriate:

With the result:
Parameters for indivudual adjustment:
Entry Function
Calendar_Day To display the current day-view
Calendar_Week To display the current week-view
Calendar_Month To display the current month-view
Calendar_Year To display the current year
Calendar_List To display the list-view

[Account] and
[PW] (Password):
Therefore create a CCalendar account and assign (as usual for guests or users) reading rights accordingly.
(It is advised against assigning writing rights for such an account!)
CAUTION: For an implemented view exactly the adjusted rights are valid - equivalent to every other adjusted account!
The appointment-parameter internal has no influence on such an IFRAME-embedded view - hencei, if applicable, all internal appointments will be shown!
Likewise a website visitor will have all possibilities in the menu, if you do not turn them off as described below!
So please be very restrictive and cautious with assigning rights to thie account created here!
Additionally we recommend to generally assign guest accounts to embedded views - without any writing rights!

With off you turn off the menu. (Recommended!)
With on you turn on the menu. (We advise against it, due to the arising possibilities with embedding on hte homepage!)

[Width] und [Height]:
Size of the IFRAME. (More details and options see e.g. under SelfHTML or the like.)
Please note that CCalendar is optimized for resolutions of at least 1024x768 pixel.

Alternavite integration possibilities:
Implementation of the Appointment Ticker / Appointment List Module:
You can find an instruction to implement the homepage modules here.
Link to CCalendar-Login:
  You can find a description of how you can normally link to CCalendar login here.
What user means:
"I have been looking since a longer time for a suitable calendar system. But this is far the best for our needs!!"
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