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Ideal for organisations, groups, associations, churches, schools, companies, families aud privat persons too
Instructions - Login:
To be able to use the CCalendar system for your organiation you have to create an organisation account for tthe first time. You can set up this organisation account here for free and not binding.

In case your organisation already has an organisation account, your CCalendar administrator can create up to 250 further accounts within the organisation account. Please ask your administrator for your individual login consisting of "account" and "password".
Login into the CCalendar system of your organisation:
After you got your individual login data ("Account" and "Password") from your CCalendar administrator, you can log into the CCalendar system of your organisation over the login page.
Speed up / parametrise registration:

You use CCalendar frequently? - Then just save the address of the login page to favourites of your browser.
This is:

Login page with organisation indication:
In case you want to include the title of your organisation into the login page, use the following address: &OrgID=[Your organisation ID]
Please replace [Your organisation ID] with your organisation ID - you can ask the CCalendar administrator of your organisation for it.

Direct login with a certain calendar view:
Do you want to skip the login page and instantly start CCalendar with a certain calendar view? No problem: Just use one of the following addresses - depending on which page you want to view directly:

Welcome Page Address *
Day view[your account]&PW=[your password]
Day view timeline[your account]&PW=[your password]&AnsichtZeitleiste=1
Week view portrait[your account]&PW=[your password]
Week view landscape[your account]&PW=[your password]&AnsichtQuer=1
Week view timeline[your account]&PW=[your password]&AnsichtZeitleiste=1
Month view[your account]&PW=[your password]
Year view[your account]&PW=[your password]
List view[your account]&PW=[your password]
* Please replace [your account] with your own account name and [your password] with your own password.
You can save this address for example to the favourites in your browser to comfortably access your preferred view in one click.
(Moreover, the direct login very ueful, if you want to implement CCalendar with all functions e.g. per IFRAME into your homepage.)
Caution!: Thus your passwort is visible in the favourites (or history) of your browser. - This can be a security iproblem if other people can access your computer. - If you want to avoid this. use the possibility of our iindirect login instead.

Indirect login with a certain calendar view:
If you do not want to save your password in the call address, then use this possibility of the indirect login instead of the above mentioned direct login:
The indirect login has the disadvantage that the call up of the target page is realised with forwarding after the start page - which will be slightly slower.
In contrast the indirect login has the advantage that no account details are visible in the call up address.

Address of the indirect login:[your desired welcome page]
Please replace [your desired welcome page] with one of the following possibilities, according to your desired welcome page:


To start CCalendar with the curent day view

Week To start CCalendar with the current week view
Month To start CCalendar with the current month view
Year To start CCalendar with the current year view
List To start CCalendar with the list view
Example: - Best is to save this address to the favourites of your browser. Then you directly reach the month view of CCalendar straight after every login. Alternatively you can provide your own login mask to log into CCalendar on your homepage.
One example, which you can change shape as desired can be found here:

Example: Example code:
<form method='post' action=''>
         <td align='right'>Account:</td>
         <td><input type='text' name='Account' size='20'></td>
         <td align='right' width='40%'>Password:</td>
         <td><input type='password' name='PW' size='20'></td>
         <td align='center' colspan='2'>
            <input type='submit' value='Login'>
What user means:
"Furthermore I want to say thank you for the really excellent service you are offering. at a low price. Without you part of my work would be a lot more difficult! Thank you and thanks again – Keep on going…"
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