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Instructions - Manage Appointment Groups:
To be able to use this menu item you need to have an administrator account and be logged into CCalendar as administrator.
What is an Appointment Group?
Appointment Group
Creating an Appointment Group:
Navigate to the menu item "Appointment Groups" in the Administrator Menu.
In case there have already been created appointment groups you will see a dialogue with an overview of the already created appointment groups. In case there have not been created any appointment groups, you will only see the empy input mask.

To add an appointment group you need to define
    - an identure number
    - a description
    - and if necessary an identification colour
Just fill the data into the designated fields and confirm your input with the button "Enter".

Identure number is an integer starting from 1. The identure number simply defines the sort sequence of all your created appointment groups. Apart from that the identure number has no functional meaning. (It is recommended to order after importance or aphabetically.)

Description of your appointment group. (Please only use one meaningful word.)

Identification colour Optionally you can assign a colour to every appointment group for better differentiation. All appointments of this group will then be indicated with this colour. You can freely pick this colour yourself. Please consider to avoid very similar colours for he single appointment groups.
You can pick the identification colour through a click on a colour in the colour picker or simply enter a colour in hexadecimal format #RRGGBB. (RR stands for the  red portion, GG for the green portion, BB for the blue portion - each time a to digit hexadecimal number between 00 and FF).

User-defined additional fields: Hereby you can define for all appointments of this appointment-group arbitrary numbers of self-defined fields (like "protocol" / "service" / ...), which are relevant for this appointment-group.
Furthermore you can define for this fields, if they will be displayed only internal or public.

Confirm your input of the new appointment group entry with a click on the button "Enter".
After successful entry the new appointment group is shown in the list. With a click on the edit- or delete-symbol you an change or delete an appointment group anytime.
Editing an Appointment Group:
You can edit every created appoinment group by clicking on the edit-symbol (pencil-symbol), that is changeing the identure number, description or identification colour. A change has no influence n the calendar functionality. All associated appointments, of course, remain. - even when you change the name (description) of the appointment group.
Confirm your change each with a click on the button "Edit". If successful you see the modification in the list.
Deleting an Appointment Group:
You can delete each one of your created appointment groups. A security query protects ou from accidental deletion of an appointment group. If the deletion is wanted, confirm the security query with "Yes".
CAUTION: With deletion of an appointment group all assignments of an appointment to this appointment group are lost! - The appointment itself remains in CCalendar. It can still be used within under appointment groups.
What user means:
"... For assembly planning we previously had a blackboard, despite the high IT affinity.
For two years, I am looking for an adequate way to carry out such a plan by a computer program. The requirement was that this can be done online in real time for all users, incl. assembing teams. Your tool I have found by chance after another and long search! Therewith our requirements are fulfilled in perfection and this in simple, structured and useful way for everyone after a quite short introduction.
This tool may have been developed only by practitioners for practitioners! We are thrilled!! Thank you and greetings"
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