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Instructions - Create / Edit / Delete appointment series:
Creatint an appointment series:
An appointment series can only be created for an already existing non-recurring appointment. (So first save an appointment when entering it in the editor mask with the button "Enter".)
After that the field "Create series" is active in the appointment mask. Through a click on this button "Create series" you open the eries dialogue.
Then fill in the fields as needed and confirm the settings with "Create series" respectively "Change series".
Resetting a series interval (deletion):
To delete an interval, just choose the option "non-recurring" in the interval dialogue. After confirmation the appointment turns into a non-recurring appointment without a series interval.
Differentiation appointment series / series variants / series exceptions:
From now on there is the possibility for appointment series to overwrite single entries of this series with different content.
Typical useful cases are for example entering different responsibilitie for the diferent days or changed  opening hours on a certain day, etc.

Terms are as follows:
  • Appointment Series (Master): This is the master entry of an appointment series. (This entry exists exactly once per appointment series).
  • Series Variant: Has the content for a specific day within an appointment series been modified, a copy of the master appointment is being made, containing the deviation (= series variant) for the single, specified day within the appointment series.
  • Series Exception: Is an appointment within the appointment series being cancelled, it is called series exception. So a series exception is a special type of series variants within an appointment series - to be specific one without an entry.
Enter / Edit Appointment Variants:
 To enter / edit the various appointment types, there are three different Edit-Symbols:
Leds to editing a non-recuring appoinment.
Leads to editing the Master-Entry of an appointment series. (So it affects all appointments of this appointment series. - except possible variants.)
Leads to entering / editing a certain series variant / exception of a single date, within an appointment series (cyclic appointment).

To edit the repective appoinment type, click on the desired edit-symbol.
Depending on the seletction, the dialogue for a single appointment, an appointment series or a series variant opens up.
In the caption you can easily check which editing dialogue you have open. Depending on the selection one of the following edit-symbols are placed in the caption:
Single Appointment
Appointment Series (Master): 
Series Variant or Series Exception
Here you can now overwrite the fields Time / Title / Note / Place / Responsible as desired to create a deviating entry for this certain day. Save the entry or the modification with the button "Enter" or "Edit".
Delete Series Variant:
To delete a serie variant just click on the edit-symbol of a particular series variant.
Now delete the series variant in the editor mask with the buton "Delete". The series variant for this day will then be deleted and the appointment series master (the main entry of the appointment series) will be shown.
Enter Series Exception:
To enter a series exception just click on the edit-symbol on the particular day of an appointment series:
After that click on the button "Except this Day". Then this day will be taken out of the series.  Of course all other days of the series remain visible.
Delete Series Exception:
To delete a series exception, i.e. to show a removed day of the series again, do the following:
1.) Click on an arbitrary day that is still visible of the particular appointment series (For the excepted day itself is still hidden).
(1b.) In case the master appointment is not shown yet, click on the link "To Master Appointment" (bottom left) in the edit mask.)
2.) In the edit mask of the master appointment click in the list "Variants are defined for...:" on the particular day that shall be restored.
3.) Then click on the button "Delete" in the edit mask of the series exception mask. Upon that the series exception will be deleted and the entry of the particular appointment series master will be shown again.
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